ISNS Parent Association (PA)

Parents at ISNS are very active in the school community.? Every ISNS parent is a member of the Parent Association.? Throughout the year, PA volunteers will organize and carry out various activities, events and fundraisers. Whether parents can help a little or a lot, their efforts and talents are always welcome and appreciated.

Our Parent Association has the following goals:

  • ? To enhance the potential for ISNS students to grow and become well-rounded individuals.
  • ? To provide fun, social and educational activities for ISNS students to participate in beyond the regular academic programs.
  • ? To build and maintain a positive and healthy relationship between parents and ISNS teachers and administrators.
  • ? To support new families as they enter ISNS.?

The following representatives will be selected on an annual basis to support the Parent Association:

  • PA Director
  • PA Activities Director
  • PA New Family Welcome Coordinator
  • PA Treasurer
  • PA Communication Coordinators (WeChat)

?The following representatives will meet with the ISNS administration five times per academic year (bi-monthly):?

  • PA Early Years Representatives - one parent per class
  • PA PYP Representatives - one parent per class with one grade level representative designated?
  • PA MYP/DP Representatives - 5-8 parents

All interactions between parents and teachers or administrators are done with the best interest of students in mind.? We all work together collaboratively to improve the school.

Communication Regarding Individual Students

If you have a concern related to your individual child please follow the process below. ?The PA will only address issues that are related to large groups of students.